Monday, June 13, 2016

Lucas' 4-Year Checkup

Lucas had his 4-year doctor checkup last week. Overall he is perfectly healthy, and he grew a lot this year! Here are his growth stats:

Weight: 37 lbs, 5 oz (63%)
Height: 40inches (47%)
BMI: 70%

Lucas wouldn't talk to the doctor. He was acting really goofy and getting distracted by his brother and sister. The only question he did answer was when the doctor asked what he wanted to be when he grows up. Lucas' answer? A racecar!
Lucas checked out fine until they performed a hearing test. He was supposed to raise his hand every time he heard the tiny beep in his ears. Well he never raised his hand. We asked him afterwards if he had heard any of the sounds and he said no. I couldn't figure out if he just didn't understand the test, or if he really wasn't hearing anything. Now I have to bring him back in two weeks to be tested again. Now I'm starting to wonder if all his ear infections have somehow affected his hearing. I'm guessing Lucas was just being Lucas and being a little difficult, but I guess I'll know for sure when we go back.

Thankfully other than that Lucas is a healthy boy!

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