Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Front Door

When we moved into this house we changed the locks on our front door. Our new doorknob wasn't quite the same size as the old one, so there was a patch of white paint showing through. It looked like this for the past 20 months.

The color was fine. It was kind of a grey brown that matched the trim on our house. However, we didn't know the exact paint color, so we couldn't fix the white spot. We talked about painting it a new color but just never got around to it.

So last week I decided to surprise Adam with a new front door. I took the kids to Home Depot while Adam was at work and browsed the outdoor paint colors. Originally I wanted a Tiffany blue front door. But after thinking about it and looking at pictures online, I decided to go for something more bold.

Lucas started painting and I started thinking "OH NO". At first I thought it looked awful. The blue was SO bright and splotchy.

It looked like this when we were done painting it with our brushes. (The expensive brushes the paint man recommended!)
Adam came home that night and was a bit underwhelmed. Surprised, yes. But not totally impressed with our paint job. I didn't blame him!

Adam decided to finish the job himself. At this point I was reminded of the I Love Lucy episode where she tries to build a barbeque. Has anyone seen it? If you can't get your husband to do something, try to do it yourself! He'll see you doing it wrong and then decide to fix it and finish the project himself.

Adam took off the doorknob and rolled on a second coat of paint with a roller.
And it finally started to look decent! I bought a new doormat and a potted hydrangea. The plant was supposed to love shade, but apparently it doesn't love my front porch. Any recommendations on an easy plant to grow in a pot in the shade??

I also purchased a wreath through my childhood friend Andrea. She makes custom made wreaths and sells them on Etsy. Isn't is cute? I'm already thinking I need a different one for the Fall. Here is a link to her shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/alittlewreath?ref=l2-shopheader-name
 I still need to work on the positioning of the wreath.
 Here is our finished front door!


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  3. I have seen that episode of I Love Lucy. My wife loves that show and constantly watches it. I always try to do the handy work around the house so my wife doesn’t make a bigger mess of things. I like the new color of your front door. Your husband did a good job and the wreath looks great!