Friday, June 3, 2016

Lucas: Four

Happy 4th Birthday Lucas!

This past year you started riding your brother's bike with training wheels, you started preschool, learned how to (somewhat) write your name, and you are finally potty-trained! Look at how cute and squishy you were just 4 short years ago:

You are excellent at expressing your emotions, both good and bad. You don't hesitate to throw your arms around my neck and exclaim "I love you Mommy!". And first thing in the morning you always come downstairs with a bright and cheerful "Good Morning Mommy!!"  I've noticed that when we read a happy part of a book, particularly when it's about a Mom and child, you will hug me extra tight and say "Ohh Mommy" in your sweet voice. I think you are very in tune with your emotions and also those around you.

On the flip side, you don't hesitate to show your anger and frustration. It's no secret that we've been dealing with some pretty huge tantrums from you this year. You have a temper. And when something angers you, you can fly into an instant rage that goes on and on and on. I personally have a very difficult time calming you down, and I struggle daily with managing your tantrums. I sincerely hope you get a handle on your impulse control now that you are 4!

You love yourself. You love taking pictures of yourself and then looking at them. I often find pictures like this on my phone that you have taken.

You love being heard and being praised. Your whole face lights up when I compliment you. The best thing I could do for you would be to just sit and listen to you. You love having my full and complete attention.

Your favorite foods right now are: smoothies, waffles, fried chicken, applesauce, milk, kale chips, carrot cinnamon muffins, bacon

You have quite the imagination. You are always playing with your cars and other toys, making up stories with lots of sound effects and bad guys. You absolutely love replaying things that happened to me. For example, let's say you bumped your arm on a chair. You will then show me exactly how it happened in slow motion, complete with sound effects. If I dare look away you will get mad and start your reenactment over.

Nicknames: The schmook, schmooky, Lukey

I love you so very much Lucas. You challenge me each and every day, but at the same time you are such a loving boy who knows how to make me laugh. I'm so eager to see how your personality changes as you mature a bit because I think you are going to be a really fun big kid. Happy Birthday Lukey Luke!

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