Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Week Of Dinners

I don't know about you all, but I love seeing what other families eat for dinner. It always gives me new ideas. Even though I love cooking and trying new recipes, it's nice to get new inspiration. Or maybe I'm just nosy! Does anyone else like seeing what other people eat?

Here are our dinners from a couple weeks ago:

Tuesday 5/17: Homemade pizza! I used the dough and sauce recipe that I got from the pizza-cooking class I attended last month. I followed it exactly but subbed in some whole wheat flour. It turned out delicious! The recipe made a ton, so I now have 4 frozen balls of pizza dough, plus 3 par-baked cheese pizzas in the freezer. Nice! For this dinner I made a large cheese pizza and a smaller one with bell peppers. I also served steamed broccoli and raw tomatoes, which were surprisingly yummy together.

Wednesday 5/18: I was so excited about this dinner but it ended up being a total dud. I loosely followed a Pioneer Woman recipe for Beef and Snow Peas, but for the veggies I used broccoli and bell peppers. The sauce burned a bit in the pan and just tasted strange. I also made an Asian slaw on the side but put way too much sesame oil in it, and ended up tossing it. I never throw away perfectly good food, so that tells you this was really bad!

Thursday 5/19: In order to earn back the love of my family, I made tacos this night. I used ground turkey, but for some reason the actual taco meat is missing from the picture below. In addition to cheese, salsa, guacamole, black beans, cilantro and green onions, I also served the tacos with kale chips and raspberries.

Friday and Saturday: Out of town at my parents' house.

Sunday 5/22: I was home from the Bay Area with the kids but Adam was still visiting with his brother. Our fridge was pretty bare, so I had to get really creative. I cooked some brown rice pasta and added cannellini beans, pecorino romano cheese, green onions and pesto. Eaten with a small glass of wine, and it filled me up! (The kids ate mac n cheese and cereal. Ha)

Monday 5/23: I managed to make dinner early in the day before Lucas developed a fever. I made traditional stuffed bell peppers with ground beef, rice, cheese, tomatoes, etc. It was delicious! (Sorry, one of the kids deleted the photo)

Tuesday: Pizza party with Ryan's baseball team at Round Table. I had a salad from the salad bar and half a personal cheese pizza.

Wednesday 5/25: Oven baked crispy chicken thighs, homemade mac and cheese, and steamed broccoli. This chicken was a new recipe. While I liked the method and the crispiness, we weren't crazy about the seasoning. It was Cajun seasoning and paprika and I think next time I make it I'll use garlic powder, onion poweder and cayenne, just like I do when I pan fry chicken. However, Ryan adored this chicken! For the macaroni and cheese I had half a box of leftover white noodles and half a box of whole wheat, so I combined them. I didn't really follow a recipe, but just made a basic roux and added medium cheddar cheese and a little pecorino romano cheese. Yum!

Thursday 5/26: I just wanted something simple on this night, since I had been dealing with sick kids most of the week. I cooked bacon on a sheet pan in the oven. I cooked a huge batch of diced potatoes on the stove (I wanted extras for breakfast....I made twice as much as you see here), and then made a big salad on the side with red butter lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and green onions. I also had a tiny bit of ground beef leftover that I loose cooked for the kids.

Friday 5/27: I used a pork roast I got from Costco (came in a pack of 4 for a very good price!) and put it in my crockpot with BBQ sauce. I used this new Sriracha BBQ sauce from Trader Joe's and it was really good! Just a little bit spicy. I got ambitious and made my own hamburger buns. The process was actually quite easy and they turned out so good! Next time I will probably use half white, half whole wheat flour. On the side we just had steamed cauliflower and strawberries.

There you go......a week's worth of dinners at our house! What have you been cooking lately?

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