Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bullards Bar Lake Trip

We spent the day at Bullards Bar Lake yesterday and had the best time! Our good friends from Newark invited us to meet them there for the day. We used their boat as well as a Pontoon Patio boat that we rented at the marina. It was the first time that the kids and I had been out on a boat, so we had no idea what to expect.

The pontoon boat was so slow that it took us almost an hour to cruise out to our beach location. This lake is huge!

Jenna pretty much cried during the entire ride. I think she just really hated her life jacket.

The water was a beautiful teal green color, and so nice and calm. Barely anyone was on the water.

We found a small little beach area to station ourselves for the day. The boys floated around most of the time. Ryan "learned" how to swim with the life jacket on. He gradually got braver during the day until he finally went out to the deeper areas by himself.

Lucas just kept shoving my hand away and telling me he wanted to go out further.

We ate, relaxed, swam, and only got a little burnt. Jenna loved the water!

Adam went out on our friends' ski boat and took Lucas with him. A little while later they went by and Adam had Lucas on the tube behind the boat!  I was a little nervous about my baby being out there, but I knew he was probably having a blast.

A little while later I went out on the ski boat. I decided it would be fun to just watch everyone else take a turn on the tube, but then they talked me in to trying it. It wasn't nearly as scary as I was expecting....but of course they were only going about 2 miles per hour. Ha! I'm such a wimp. It was really fun and I'd love to try it again now.

Later that afternoon it was time to head back to the marina. We had a nice slow trip back, complete with a stop at a floating bathroom!
 Back at the marina the kids were fascinated by all the fish. They kept them occupied for almost an hour!

We had SO much fun at Bullards Bar. Before this trip I had never heard of this lake. But it is only an hour and fifteen minutes from our house, so now I want to plan another trip here. Our first experience boating was so fun!

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