Monday, January 16, 2012

Ryan's Quirks

Many people have been telling me lately to document the cute things Ryan does, because pretty soon I won't remember them. A random woman at Trader Joe's this weekend told me she can't remember her 14-year old son ever being Ryan's age. Now, I truly can't imagine Ryan ever being anything but a little toddler. I try to imagine him as an older child or a teenager, and I just can't. But someday he will grow up and I know I will want to remember all the adorable things he did at this age.

So here are a few of Ryan's cute quirks at almost 21 months of age.

~He is constantly chewing on his fingernails. He does it so much that he creates hangnails. Then he runs up to me and show me his finger so that I can remove it for him. Recently, he has begun to remove his socks and chew on his toenails. Yuck!
~When we get up in the morning, Ryan almost always says "Dada?" to me, and holds up his hand, as if to say "Where's Daddy?". I tell him that he is at work. For the rest of the day he periodically grabs Adam's things and brings them to me, saying "Dada" over and over, until I acknowledge him and put away Adam's things. He's becoming a real Daddy's Boy!~Ryan has started going under the covers on our bed and trying to sleep that way. He will do this in the middle of the night, and I wake up scared silly that he is suffocating. Apparently Adam has slept with covers over his head almost his whole life, so maybe that explains it? I still think it's weird and dangerous.
~We've taught Ryan how to make a "stinky" face when he smells something bad. He scrunches up his nose and sniffs the air. Well I guess I do this sometimes when Adam starts his mustang because it does smell really bad. Now whenever Ryan sees Adam's mustang outside, he immediately sniffs the air and makes his stinky face. Yep, Daddy's car is stinky!

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