Sunday, July 31, 2016

Munchery Review

Adam and I used a new-to-us food service last week called Munchery. Have you heard of it? I kept seeing it advertised, and so when I received a coupon to buy one meal, get one free, I had to try it.

Munchery is similar to many other "meal cooking kit" services in that you can order a box of pre-chopped ingredients to easily prepare a meal. However, Munchery also offers fully assembled meals that you simply re-heat and eat. Adam and I were about to leave for our family vacation and I was looking for a really simple but healthy dinner to eat the night before we left. I hopped online the day before, chose our meals, and they were delivered to our doorstep the next day! The entire process was incredibly simple and convenient. I appreciated that Munchery was as easy as ordering takeout, but tasted like a homecooked meal. Shipping cost about $2.50 I believe, which was worth it in my opinion.

Here's how it all worked. Our meals arrived in a paper bag and inside was a complimentary bottle of water, included to keep the food cool.
The bag explained some great things about the company, including the usage of local organic ingredients.

On to the food! Munchery's menu changes daily, an there were quite a few delicious options to choose from. Adam went with the Short Rib Sloppy Joe and I chose the Pork Belly Bao.

Everything arrived neatly packaged with clear instructions on how to heat. I loved that we had the option of using the oven or the microwave. We used the oven on this particular day, but I can see myself using the microwave next time we order from Munchery. It's been in the 100's here lately!
Here is Adam's complete meal. He said everything was delicious, although he wanted more potato wedges!

And mine. It had such a unique flavor and was unlike anything I had eaten before. I loved the soft little buns and the pickled veggies that came with it were really good. There was so much extra meat that I just ate it on the side.

We will definitely be trying Munchery again soon. It was just so simple and the food tasted delicious. I love trying new foods, so I appreciated the variety of dishes they offered. Adam's tastes are more traditional, so he was happy to see some more "American" meals on the menu.

If you are interested in trying Munchery for yourself, I have a link that you can use to get $20 off your first order!

Happy munching!

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