Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back In His Big Boy Bed

Before we moved Ryan slept in a twin size bed. It is actually my childhood bed and a really nice one at that! When we moved we put the twin bed in our "grandma" room (guest room), and Ryan started using his toddler bed again. For a while it was okay but lately it has become obvious that he just doesn't fit in it anymore. Ryan's sleep has been getting worse and worse. He has always been a poor sleeper but lately he barely stays in his bed at all, and ends up in ours every night before midnight. He blames it on his small bed. He also blames his small bed on his poor behavior, which doesn't make any sense. But I do think his bed is uncomfortable and bothering him on some level.

So last night, after a particularly rough night of sleep for Ryan, we decided to give Ryan back his twin size bed. Anyone local have a twin or full size bed they want to get rid of?? Our grandmas need a bed for when they come to visit!
 Ryan (and his siblings) were so excited about Ryan's big boy bed!

Ryan was especially excited about using his Cars sheets again.

One problem is that the boys' room is incredibly small. I think it's 10x10? So a twin bed, a toddler bed and a dresser don't exactly fit. As you can see here the space is really cramped and you can barely walk between the two beds. We may need to relocate their dresser to the playroom.
I was excited for Ryan to spend the entire night in his bed last night. But then right after dinner our smoke detector went off. It triggered a second alarm, but then they both stopped after 10 seconds. We searched the house but everything seemed fine. Then about 30 minutes later they went off again, for longer this time! By then Ryan was thoroughly scared. He kept asking me about fires and smoke and alarms, and I could tell he was really worried. Needless to say, he ended up in our bed last night.

I'm crossing my fingers that tonight is better!

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