Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Swim Lessons

Ryan and Lucas have been taking swim lessons for the last week and they are doing so well! (especially Ryan). I enrolled Ryan in lessons two summers ago when he was 4, and let's just say it was a waste of money. He sat on the edge of the pool the entire two weeks and never actually got his body wet.

Fast forward two summers and he was ready to swim! Up here in Rocklin most people have pools, including my sister. I am always so nervous around the water with my kids so I knew it was time to get them confident in the water. Over the past week Ryan has gone from knowing nothing to almost being able to swim! He's doing flips under the water, jumping in off the edge, and semi-dog paddling. He's got an awesome tan line to prove it. (Seriously, who's tan child is this??)
On Lucas' very first day, his teacher dunked his head under the water a little bit. Ever since then Lucas has lost complete trust in this guy and he is terrified to get in the water. I was able to get him in at yesterday's lesson, but he had a death grip on the edge the entire time. Oh well, there's always next summer. In the meantime he'll be wearing his floaties every time he's in the water.

And even though Jenna isn't in lessons, I can tell she loves the water. Whenever I'm in the pool with her she tries to shove my arms away so she can swim by herself.
So that's what we've been up to the past week or two. Lots of time in the water and lots of sunshine!

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