Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Birthday at Folsom Lake

My 34th birthday was a great one! We wanted to spend a day at Folsom Lake this summer, and the pontoon boat we were renting was only available on my birthday. It turned out perfectly!

Our boat is the one on the left. Lots of shade and plenty of seating for our 4 adults and 8 kids!

We set sail and found a beach to stop at. The kids enjoyed playing on the back of the boat in the sun. I spent quite a lot of time back there as well!

All of us played in the water. And lounged.

We couldn't keep Bella and Lucas out of the water! They were definitely the most adventurous.
The babies shared food:

Despite his face he loved the boat. He kept telling Adam to drive faster!
We ended my birthday with some Olive Garden to go. Happy Birthday to me!

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