Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Bities

I am amazed sometimes at the foods that Jenna will eat. For example, she loves nuts and seeds. Almonds and sunflower seeds are some of her favorites. I guess this surprises me because I never liked eating nuts as a child, and honestly they still aren't my favorite.

I tend to just feed her the same old foods that I know she enjoys. There are certain foods stronger in flavor (or healthier!) that I don't immediately think about. I guess I've gotten so used to feeding my picky boys that I kind of forget about encouraging her to try new flavors.

But I really really want to raise at least one adventurous eater!! The other day we were eating burgers and Adam offered Jenna a pickle. She loves cucumbers (my first child to eat raw veggies!!), but I figured she would spit out the pickle. Well she ended up loving it! And I'm discovering that she loves dipping foods (another thing my boys hate to do). We had raw veggies with homemade onion dip on the 4th of July and Jenna ate a ton of onion dip with cucumbers. She kept asking for "more bities!"

Speaking of cucumbers and pickles....did you know you can re-use your pickle juice? Simply slice a cucumber and put it in a pickle jar with pickle juice. In a few days your cucumbers will become pickled! I never knew this until my sister told me, so I thought I would share.

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