Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Gross Girl

Jenna is such a little stinker. She is so sweet but she can be so messy and gross! Don't get me wrong....I love her to pieces. But baby girl knows how to make a mess of herself! Adam is always commenting on how she is our grossest child.

Jenna loves putting things up her nose. She picks her nose and then sticks her finger in her mouth. Last month she shoved a bunch of rice up her nose that we couldn't get out, and we ended up taking her to the doctor to get checked out. The following week I caught her trying to stuff ground beef in her nose. And just recently she got a big chunk of cucumber in there, which I was luckily able to get out with the bulb syringe. I can't take my eyes off of Jenna when she's in her highchair!

And Jenna knows she is being gross and naughty. When I ask her she scrunches up her nose and pretends to blow things out of it. She points up her nose and tells me when something is in there.

Unfortunately she also puts strange things in her mouth. Like tiny legos, so I have to watch her like a hawk. It's not like she's just dumbly trying to eat things. She knows she is being naughty and she will giggle and run away when I draw attention to it. Just a couple weeks ago I turned my back on her in the kitchen. A minute later I turned around to find her eating a dishwasher detergent pod. It didn't look like much was missing from the little pouch, but I did see some granules on her tongue. I immediately washed out her mouth as best I could and told her to spit it out, which she did. Poor Jenna was so scared and crying so hard because she could tell I was really upset. For the first time ever I had to call poison control. Once they heard what brand it was (Kirkland signature), they basically said it was no big deal, and that the only symptom she could have would be a mild upset stomach or burning mouth. Thankfully she didn't seem bothered at all by it, and I thanked God I caught it right away.
My gross little girl sure is keeping me on my toes these days!

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