Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bunk Bed!

We finally did it. We went and bought the boys a bunk bed! If you remember, we got desperate last month and moved the twin bed to the boys' room for Ryan to sleep in. It fit him much better than his toddler bed, but unfortunately it didn't fit in the room so well. Lucas' car toddler bed is kind of large and the two beds together, plus a dresser, meant absolutely no walking space in the room. It just wasn't working.

Adam talked about building the boys a bunk bed. His idea was to build it fairly low and have the two levels criss-cross to kind of form a V in the corner of the room, with the boys' feet overlapping each other. It was a good idea but we just have so many projects going on in our house that I was able to convince Adam that we should just buy a bed. One trip to Ikea later and the boys now have a bunk bed.
Here are a few pictures of their room now. All their books are under their window, but we will probably move one shelf to Jenna's room at some point.

Immediately to the left is their hotwheel shrine. I feel like they will still be playing with hotwheels as teenagers!

Over in the corner is their dresser, which we also got at Ikea back when Ryan was a baby. I love that we have floor space now.

We had this little shelf laying around so we used it to hang the boys' hats in the corner. Above it is a picture my Grandma painted with an old truck in it.

Sorry for the blurry picture. Ryan won this sports quilt at school last year and Adam came up with the idea of hanging it on the wall. Once we put it up Ryan got excited and said "Now this looks like a 10-yr old boys' room!"

Every night before bed the boys request water. Sometimes they wake up at night and can't find their cups. So Adam decided to make them custom cup holders to attach to the bed with zip ties, made out of PVC pipe. Nothing but the best for them. Ha!

And finally, Adam made a shelf just for Ryan. He felt like Ryan needed his own little space for his things. On it Ryan put his piggy bank, his baseball trophy, and his latest lego creations. Nobody is allowed to touch his shelf!
The boys love their new bunk bed. Ryan has actually been going to play in his room by himself for a few minutes at a time. He has never done this before, so I know he likes his new space. Now if only he would stay in his bed all night!

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