Monday, August 29, 2016

Cozy Touches

I've really been trying to make our home feel more cozy lately. I don't typically have a ton of decorations up because I really hate clutter. I'm also such a practical person that I don't like to spend money on things unless they serve a purpose. But I do want our house to feel more "homey" and put together, so I've been making an effort.  We put up a new shelf over the weekend and we've started decorating it.
I saw this kitchen rug at Target recently and immediately knew it had to come home with me. How perfect is it for my kitchen?
I planted some potted flowers outside our back window, and also bought a hummingbird feeder. Looking outside and seeing more color is really nice!
I've always loved the way indoor plants make a home feel, so I chose a few ferns to place around the house.
Our kitchen and family room area were being overtaken by teal. So we chose some new curtains with new colors, and also got a new pillow. Bad picture, but trust me it looks better!
And finally, we got a piano this weekend! I have regretted not bringing our previous piano with us when we moved 2 years ago. So when we found one right around the corner for sale at a great price, we jumped on it! I grew up with a piano in my home and so having a piano just feels like home to me. I'm hoping at least one of my kids expresses interest and lets me teach them how to play!
On my list to buy for the house is more area rugs, candles, and lamps. I feel like lamp lighting is always cozier than overhead lighting, and we don't have many lamps in our house. But when we turn on the couple we have at night, I always love how they make a room feel.

How do you make your home feel cozy?


  1. What a very lovely shelf you have! ha So glad it has been put to good decor use.

  2. I love the shelf! You have good taste. Thank you!