Friday, October 5, 2012

The Book

Lately I have been feeling convicted about how much TV we watch. I definitely don't sit around watching it all day. But I do turn it on during most meals because I tend to nurse the baby while I eat, and sitting on the couch is the best place to nurse. I let Ryan watch cartoons while I put Lucas down for his first morning nap. And again while I cook dinner. It definitely adds up throughout the day.

I know people who don't have cable or don't let their kids watch any TV. I even know people who don't own a TV, and I really admire them. I don't know if we could ever completely give it up. But I would like to reduce the amount of time we all spend watching it.

Another goal of mine is to spend more time in God's word. And I can't exactly read the Bible if the TV is always on. "But I don't have time" I find myself thinking. But really, I do. I realized that I don't have to nurse Lucas while I eat. I can do it before or after, and just hold him or keep him nearby while we sit at the table. And we can read the Bible while we sit at the table eating.

So here's what I've been doing the past couple weeks. We're not perfect by any means, but this is one tiny step in the right direction. I want my children to grow up reading the Bible, and seeing me read it as well. So I've been reading this to Ryan and Lucas during breakfast each morning.
It's a childhood book of mine that contains stories from the Bible that are simplified for children to understand. There is a picture for each story, which Ryan appreciates.
I didn't have high hopes for Ryan's attention span, but so far he has actually been listening! (Again, the pictures help). Lucas sits nearby or in my arms when he gets fussy.
It really starts out day out right. My hope is that as they get older, we can talk about how the stories apply to our daily lives. For example, this morning we read about Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac to God. I told Ryan that we should always trust and obey in God, even when what He asks of us is uncomfortable or requires sacrifices. In the same way, Ryan should listen to his Mommy and obey her. Even when he doesn't want to pick up his toys.

Small steps in the right direction.

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