Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crazy for the Food

We gave Lucas his first taste of rice cereal this past weekend. We took the video below, which I realize isn't the most thrilling video content. But hey, it's my baby's first taste of real food! Exciting stuff.
You can't tell by this video, but Lucas is quite the eager eater. Whenever I give him a spoonful of food and then pause for a moment, he starts howling. Insert spoon, and he's happy. Take it out to scoop up more food? He's wailing for more. I can't tell if he's just anxious to chew on the spoon or if my baby is actually starving.

I remember being so excited for this stage with Ryan, and I feel the same way now with Lucas. Feeding them real food is a fun adventure. I was a bit neurotic with Ryan and recorded every new food he tried for an entire year.
Further proof of my craziness. (You know I'll be doing this again for Lucas)

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