Sunday, October 7, 2012

Teething Tooth Monster

Dear Tooth Monster (Tooth Fairy's evil cousin),

We do not like you. You have kidnapped my sweet son Lucas and in his place given me a crying, suffering baby with swollen gums. You are keeping us up at night. You are robbing us of daytime naps. You are the reason for multiple drool-drenched onesies. Oh yes, and that drool that landed square in my mouth the other day.

We may be smiling happily for the camera but we are really quite tired. And frustrated. And ready for this darn tooth to just cut through already. And we are hoping that the other 20-some-odd teeth do not cause this much disruption when they make their appearance.

Oh and this son of mine?
Never made a peep about his teeth.

Please bring us relief soon.

Regretfully Yours,
One Tired Mommy

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