Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adorable Insomniacs

Remember those praises I wrote about yesterday? They were all true. Good things have been happening with my two boys. A great nap here and there. Cute interactions between them. Cuteness just in general. New things being learned every day. New words spoken by the toddler. Giggles and belly laughs from the baby. Ahhhh parenting is such a joy.

But then there's this little charade that happens almost every night.

8:00pm: Both boys are asleep.
8:20: Lucas is awake.
8:32: Lucas is awake again.
8:57: Lucas is awake again.
9:09: Ryan is awake.
9:42: Lucas is awake.
10:00: Adam and I go to bed.
10:11: Lucas wakes up again, comes into bed with us.
10:55: Ryan is awake, comes into our bed.
12:02: Lucas is awake.
1:06: Ryan rolls over and kicks me in the head.
2:21: Lucas is awake.
3:17: Ryan starts talking to us.
4:38: Lucas is awake.
5:15: Adam gets up for work.
5:19: Lucas is awake.
6:25: Ryan is awake, and wakes up Lucas.
 Thank you God for my two healthy adorable insomniacs.

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