Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lucas: 4 Months

My big 4-month old, you are getting cuter each day!
One of the cute things you started doing this month was laugh. I love hearing you laugh, especially when you put your whole body into it and laugh really loudly. So far Daddy is best at making you squeal and giggle.
Your hair doesn't seem to be falling out anymore. You still have a bald spot in the back, but the rest is evening out. The color has definitely lightened since you were born with that dark dark hair. And oh boy are you getting chubby! (14 lbs, 13 oz)

Your Daddy teases you, saying you have your Mommy's ears that stick out. But I obviously think they are adorable!
You are still averaging 4 30-40 minute naps per day, with the occasional 2-hour nap in your swing. (That usually happens once a week or so). I still swaddle you at night but I think that may need to end soon. I'm just afraid that you will sleep even more restlessly if not swaddled!
You easily roll over from tummy to back. You are getting close to doing back to tummy, but you seem to get frustrated and then give up. Yesterday Ryan tried cheering you on by shouting "Woll Baby Woll!".

You still drool like crazy. Your hands are constantly in your mouth and you seem to be in pain, especially later in the day. Adam and I thought we saw a tooth trying to poke through your gums, but now we can't see it. I know one is coming soon!
If I had to guess about your personality right now, I would say you will be less serious than your brother, but more sensitive. You smile and laugh easily in response to other people. But you startle and get scared easily, and seem more sensitive to pain than your brother ever was.
I love you sweet Lucas!!


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