Friday, December 16, 2011

Foodie Friday: Easy Chicken Parm

As you all know, I love to try new recipes. New cuisines, new foods, new flavors, and unfortunately for Adam, many recipes he doesn't like. Last weekend I was excited to make Greek Meatballs with a yogurt sauce and orzo salad. Adam wasn't quite as excited to eat it. I feel a little guilty whenever this happens, so I made a conscious effort this week to make at least a few dinners that I knew Adam would love. This included pot roast one night, and a new recipe the next:

Photo Source: Simply Alicia's Blog

I made this Chicken Parmesan recipe, which was super easy and delicious. Adam practically licked his plate clean. It's basically chicken breast placed in a baking dish, topped with marinara, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, basil, and the "secret" ingredient, croutons! I thought this was a bit strange, but they really added a great crunchy texture to the chicken, making it seem like it was breaded and fried. I encourage you to try it!

If you're the cook in your house, do you plan meals based on your spouse's likes/dislikes? Or do you just make whatever you like? It's hard when you have picky eaters to prepare food for!


  1. I am lucky in that I am the picky eater in our house, my husband will try anything once, and is good at giving me constructive criticism when things go awry!

  2. I have to say, my husband is pretty happy with most things I make. He'll eat the occasional vegetarian dish, or soup and bread meal without complaining, but I know he loves his meat. I do try to make some of his favourites on a regular basis though :) We also tend to like the same types of food- most of his faves are also mine. He just likes more salt and pepper!

    When I make chicken parm I usually just do chicken breasts, pasta sauce, with mozza and parm on top, and bake til done. I will have to try adding some croutons next time!

  3. You girls are lucky to have husbands who are not picky! I'm the adventurous eater in our marriage.