Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toddler Bed

Adam and I have talked a little bit lately about converting Ryan's crib to a toddler bed. I know the "experts" recommend waiting as long as possible to make this switch. And maybe if Ryan slept in his crib, it wouldn't make sense to change things. But I decided it couldn't possibly make things worse, so maybe it was worth a try. Adam and his brother surprised me last night. I had just given Ryan his bath and walked in to see this:
Our hope is that Ryan will like his bed more when it doesn't feel so "cage-like".After checking it out a little bit we went out to the family room to play. A few minutes later Ryan got up, ran down the hallway, and climbed into his bed.Last night was Ryan's first night in his toddler bed. I was so nervous that he would fall out of his bed and be hurt or traumatized by it! I got him to sleep at 8:30 (with the help of Melatonin). Within an hour he was awake and crying, and we found him standing up on his bed. Adam and I were able to pat his back and get him back to sleep within 10 minutes. 30 minutes later he was up again, but Adam got him back to sleep quickly. Again, 30 minutes later, he was awake. Once again Adam managed to get him back to sleep by close to midnight. And then he slept in his bed until 5am! I hope as Ryan gets used to his new bed he will learn to like it and view it as a safe and cozy place. At least that's what I'm praying will happen!


  1. Sounds a little rough, but 5 hours in a row is good for Ryan!

  2. hooray for 5 hours! I'll just keep praying for the little guy to sleep.