Saturday, September 17, 2011


If I had to use a word to describe my life right now it would be "full". Full in a good way. Obviously this little guy takes up most of my time, but in my spare time I have been doing some fun things.The most exciting use of my time is getting ready for MOPS! Our first meeting of the year is on Monday and I am really excited. As Finance Coordinator I do a lot of the background work of registering new moms and keeping track of our budget and expenses. I'm really enjoying it.
Ryan and I have been doing something really sneaky lately. We have become mystery shoppers! At least I have. Ryan just tends to tag along because he has nothing better to do. I heard about this company that offers mystery shopping assignments and thought it might be fun. And so far it is! I get a list of assignments to choose from, and I can do as many or as few as I like. Most of the ones I have done so far are fast food or local sit down restaurants. I don't make much money, but I do get free food!Finally, I have planted my winter vegetable garden! (With lots of help from my mother-in-law). We planted broccoli, cauliflower, green and purple cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, swiss chard, snap peas, carrots, and one lone strawberry plant.
Garden pics to come!

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