Thursday, May 19, 2011

Write It Down!

I want to mention a few really cute things that Ryan is doing now, before I forget. He changes so much these days! As my Mom reminded me yesterday, if I don't write these things down, I will surely forget. I took a look at my baby book yesterday and was surprised by the details my Mom recorded about me. Things like how I used to be really frightened by loud noises (I still am sometimes), or how I asked if I had "rocks" in my arms when feeling my bones. What also surprised me was the many similarities between Ryan and I in terms of our development:

I rolled over at 2 months, Ryan at 3 months.
I scooted around at 5 months, same as Ryan.
I stood up at 7 months on my own, same as Ryan.
I walked at 9 months, same as Ryan.
It took me longer to start saying words, same as Ryan.

So here are a few cute details about Ryan right now. I plan on writing these down in his baby book as soon as I can, but want to at least put them on here while I have a moment.

~He has a new fascination with his tongue. He likes to stick it out and then grab it with his fingers and feel it.

~He is quickly learning how things work. He picks up his baby hairbrush and "brushes" his hair. He points the remote control at the TV. He sees my blow my nose, and then picks up a kleenex and pretends to blow his nose.

~He mostly talks with his mouth closed these days. It's quite strange how he refuses to open his mouth, yet keeps on talking, as if his mouth is stuffed full of marshmallows. I keep telling him "Ryan open your mouth!"

~He understands many words I say. He touches or points to the correct object when I say the following words: fan, eyes, yogurt, shoes, doggy, outside, belly button.

~He loves to hide. I often hear him disappear down our hallway. When I come looking for him, he is standing behind our bedroom door, as still and quiet as possible. He giggles when I "find" him.

*Sorry for the lack of photos lately. My camera keeps producing pictures with a fuzzy haze in the middle of the photos. Perhaps it's time for a new camera?

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