Monday, May 30, 2011

First Art Project

One thing I know for certain about myself is that I am NOT crafty whatsoever. The creative side of my brain is seriously lacking, and art projects just aren't my thing. But when I heard about this painting idea for young toddlers, I thought it was perfect for Ryan.

Simply put some paint on a piece of paper. Seal in a ziploc bag. Double-check the seal!

(I added green after taking this picture)

Baby then "paints" with their fingers and there's no mess. Ryan chose the artistic approach of painting with the bottom of his shoes. He threw down the paper and stomped on it, then got bored with it after a few minutes. I think we'll try it again next month.


  1. I want to try that too! I love your description of how he painted! lol

  2. Needs improvement.

  3. Why don't try to divorce. Your husband doesn't love you. And trust me, that's for sure.