Friday, May 6, 2011

Stinky Mischief

Ryan is very curious these days. He likes to get into trouble, as you would expect from a 1-year old boy. For example, one of his new favorite activities is grabbing the end of the toilet paper and then running away, watching the long stream of paper roll out behind him. It's mildly annoying, but still quite cute. Good thing I can put him in shirts like this one, which make him even cuter. It makes up for how destructive he can be.
But then yesterday Ryan took his curiosity to a whole new level. He discovered how to take off his diaper. He was napping around 3pm, for the first time all day. (Thanks to all 4 of his molars cutting through right now. Not much sleep going on in our house lately!) I heard him talking, so I went to get him. I found my sweet baby standing bare-bottomed in his crib, smiling at me. His diaper was on the floor, along with some poop. There was also poop on his sheets, smeared along the side of his crib, and all over his hands. (You're lucky I didn't take a picture!) Needless to say I immediately gave him a bath and changed his sheets. It was quite funny after the fact, and I was even a tiny bit proud that my 1-year old is clever enough to remove his diaper. But come on! He's 1, not 2. Isn't playing with poop something older toddlers do? Not my sweet baby!

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  1. Thank you for this post! Sometimes I think my son is the only boy who tears up our house. because of our little bundle, our trash can must be on the ocunter, all tp rolls are on the counter, our bar stools must lay on their sides... you get it! He is like a clumsy Godzilla tornado All.Day.Long. I feel ya girl!