Monday, September 6, 2010


So the other day I was breastfeeding my cloth-diaper-wearing baby while simultaneously making baby food from veggies grown in our garden. All while wearing a dress I wove myself from organic cotton.

OK so I'm being funny. But honestly, that little scenario is not all that far from the truth. I did make zucchini bread recently using zucchini from the farmer's market and lemon juice from my backyard lemon bush. Ryan does wear cloth diapers, I do breastfeed, and I plan on making at least some of his baby food myself. Somewhere along the way I have turned into a granola mom!

I always said it would never happen. Turn into a health-nut like my mom, that is. Sorry mom, but growing up we thought it was weird! My sister, brother and I affectionately referred to the bread we used to eat as "tree-bark" bread because of its abundance of nuts and seeds.

So yes, I may have become a bit granola since having Ryan. But the choices I make are what I think is best for my family. And they make me happy.

Oh and just for the record, I have made homemade granola and it was delicious.


  1. What cloth diapers are you using? We use fuzzi bunz and love them!!

  2. We use gDiapers and so far love them!

  3. i SO want to be a granola mom. i think it's something to be proud of.

    i think there's room in everyone's life for a healthy balance of "granola"-ness and reality. i mean, let's face it, we can't all have a full-blown garden in our backyard and buy all organic and sustainable EVERYTHING. it's a little much.. and expensive! but every little bit counts..