Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weighty Wednesday: Temptation

It all started with one bite of ice cream. Then some rhubarb crumble (thanks mom), an oreo cookie, chocolate fondue.....basically I failed miserably at my "no dessert" goal for the week. Once I had that first bite of ice cream I knew I had failed at my goal, and the temptation was too big not to continue eating dessert. But I did get out and jog for 5 days! I started out jogging for 2 minutes (my lungs are very out of shape) and worked my way up to 8 minutes! Unfortunately I think the jogging and the abundance of desserts cancelled each other out. I lost nothing this week.

Stats and Goals for Week 15:
Lbs Lost This Week: 0
Lbs Lost So Far: 22
Lbs Left to Lose: 8

Food Goal: Let's try this agian. No dessert!
Fitness Goal: My goal this week is to work my way to jogging for 15 minutes, or 1 mile.....whichever comes first.

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