Thursday, January 25, 2018

This Guy

This guy. He doesn't get a lot of airtime around here, does he?
That's partly because he refuses to let me take his picture. Partly because he's kind of a private person. And partly because I have 4 kids and they kind of consume my life.

But recently I had a few new friends over who had never seen our playroom. They were exclaiming over how amazing it was, and I was like "Oh this old thing? Yea, my hubby built it." And they were shocked! And rightly so. I got to thinking about how much Adam does for us around here. And how often he is asking me WHAT he can do for me around here.

Ladies, are there any more romantic words than "How can I help you?". I think not.

Adam had Monday off of work and the first words he said were "Which project do you want me to cross off my list today?". He (and my Dad, thank you Dad!) proceeded to work outside in the freezing cold all day, installing new lights in our backyard.

The previous weekend he got it in his head that he needed to cut a hole in our hallway closet wall and create a storage area under our stairs. Apparently I complain a lot about not having space for everything. I came back to find a cute little door complete with a knob and hinges. And every day I seem to find something new to store in there.
Every single night Adam searches online for furniture that we need. He knows what I want and also knows I probably won't spend the time to look myself. So he does it, and sends me pictures. 99.9% of the time I say Nope. And then he comes across exactly what I'm looking for, like our new (used) pottery barn table and chairs!
 Or he just builds me what I want. No big deal.
On Sunday I approached him with a stack of decorations and pictures and told him I wanted to do a gallery wall in our hallway. He immediately grabbed his hammer and some nails, and came up with this. It's not quite done but I love it so far!
Just last night he installed a coating on our master shower window that obscures the glass so people can't see in. Previously we had a little curtain up, but it blocked out all the light. I walked in there this morning and wow, what a difference! 

I could go on and on, bragging about how much Adam does for us around here. About how skilled he is. About how his acts of service truly serve our family.

But if I did that, he may never let me write about him on here again!

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