Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weighty Wednesday: Week 2

Another week down, and another 2 pounds down. Can I just say that I am SO looking forward to getting this weight off and looking and feeling better? Every time I have a baby I just feel so frumpy and unattractive afterwards. I get this itch to change something, like my hair color or my wardrobe. I think all new Moms should get a complimentary makeover....what do you think? Or at least a pedicure in the hospital!

In other news, I tried hot yoga for the first time today! It wasn't as hard as I was expecting, but I was told it was a very "beginners" class. Oh and the teacher only turned the heat up to 99 degrees. Only.

Lbs Lost So Far: 5
Lbs Left To Lose: 22

Here are pictures of what I ate one day last week. I feel like I always eat healthier when I share what I ate on here. So I'm going to keep doing it! (The last couple days, which I didn't photograph, included some Easter candy and a big piece of Adam's birthday cake. Too much sugar for me!)

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, black coffee, 1 kiwi and 1 cutie
 Snack: Salted Cashews, Dried Cranberries (Jenna hijacked my snack and ate about half of this)
Lunch: Quinoa, Garbanzo Beans, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. I realize this isn't the prettiest lunch but it was delicious. I made a big batch and ate this for lunch 3 days in a row. I intended to top it with feta cheese but when I opened it up it smelled really "off".
 Snack: Cottage Cheese, Homemade Granola, Strawberries
Dinner: This was leftover night! We had leftover soup, orange chicken, salad, and spaghetti. I chose to eat the salad and a bowl of homemade potato and leek soup, topped with a little cheddar cheese.
After dinner I ate about 5 or 6 jolly ranchers. I was getting over a cold and my throat was raw from coughing. Obviously a cough drop would have been better but I was craving something sweet!

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