Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Easter Weekend began on Saturday morning with our church's grand opening celebration. We moved into a new building last year so they combined that with a bit of an Easter celebration. The kids were excited!
 There were bounces houses, slides, and booths where you could play games to win Easter eggs.
 Action shot!
 Free lunch for all the kids!
That afternoon we told the kids it was time to clean the house. We typically do a full house clean-up every Saturday morning. The kids know they need to help but we are always met with resistance. This day was no exception. I'm not going to lie....sometimes I'd rather just do it myself because it would be so much easier! But we are really trying to teach our kids that they need to help out, since they are part of the family too. The boys set and clear the table most nights, and know that I expect them to clean up their rooms most days. But I feel like they are capable of a lot more, especially on the weekends. It was a rough afternoon.

The next morning was Easter!
The kids got a little candy and a few other surprises. We skipped church because Andrew still can't be out around crowds. I also had a sinus infection and wasn't feeling that great. So we settled on the couch and read the story of Jesus' resurrection to the kids.
 Then we had a little hunt in our living room for chocolate eggs.
 We made it over to my sister's house just in time for their court's Easter egg hunt!
I love watching Jenna and Lyla together. They are just 2 months apart and I'm so glad Jenna has girl cousins to grow up with!
 We came inside and Andrew was passed around.
 I got Adam to smile for the camera!!
 This is more like his usual face.
 The kids divided up their Easter candy and started trading. Just like Halloween!
And that was our Easter 2017. Jesus lives!

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