Friday, April 28, 2017

Andrew: 2 Months

Happy 2-Month Birthday my little Andrew! Daddy and I both agree that it feels like you have been here much longer than 2 months. It seems like you should be at least 3 months old by now!
You have the cutest smile and your face lights up when I smile and talk to you. You like when I make the "OH" sound and sometimes it sounds like you are trying to say "ah-goo". I think this is the classic first baby sound that all our babies have made. It is usually easier to get you to smile first thing in the morning, when you are well-rested.
You are officially our best burper. Not only do you burp multiple times during each feeding, but you burp like a grown man!
Your sleeping habits are not the greatest. You tend to take little catnaps throughout the day and you are easily woken up by your siblings. You prefer to be worn or held by me, although I can usually get you to take one nap in your swing. At night I have a hard time getting you to fall asleep. Once you do, I try placing you in your bassinet but you almost always wake up. Most nights you end up sleeping snuggled next to me in bed.
I think you weigh just over 11 pounds but I will know for certain next week at your doctor appointment.

Daddy calls you his "Drewski" all the time. I usually just call you Baby Andrew or my Baby Boy.
Your siblings are in love with you. So much that they smother you all day long. They are constantly asking to see you, touch you, climb on you, give you your pacifier, just be as close to you as possible!
Sometimes you like the attention...
But usually you don't.

(Your hair looks red in these pictures but it is actually quite blond in real life.)

I love you to pieces baby Andrew John!

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