Friday, April 7, 2017

Calming Down

For most of last month, Andrew seemed like a pretty fussy baby. I was mentally preparing myself for having another colicky baby, like his brothers. 6 weeks is generally when a baby's fussiness peaks, but I am so happy to report that Andrew really seemed to calm down this week!
 He is having longer periods where he is calm and content to just look around at things.
And when Andrew does get fussy, I can usually calm him down by changing him, feeding him, or just wearing or snuggling him.
I think it will get even easier once I can get him on some sort of a schedule. I'd love to implement the EASY schedule, like I did with Jenna and Lucas. Baby Eats, Has active awake time, and then sleeps. Then the Y stands for "you time". This is when I soak in the bathtub and sip a glass of wine. HA! This EASY pattern is then repeated every 3 hours or so. It made life so much easier to have my last 2 babies on somewhat of a schedule. But it's going to be pretty tricky doing the same with Andrew. I'm just being pulled in too many directions during the day.
For now I am just thankful Andrew is calming down. Our house is loud enough without having a baby cry all day long!

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