Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Faves

Hey there! Just thought I'd share a random assortment of recent favorites from my life this week.

1. Our bedroom archway.

When we moved in to our house, the master bedroom was a peachy tan color and the archway into the bathroom was a dark brown. We painted it a soft greyish green a few months ago, but never got around to painting the archway. Every time I walked into our room it made me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream! Adam surprised me this week while I was out with the kids and painted the archway our white trim color. It looks so much better with our wall color now! He also hung those little glass candle jars that he got me a few years ago. At night we turn on the candles inside of them and it looks so pretty!

2. Sheet Pan Suppers
Once again, something Adam surprised me with that I absolutely love! He bought this cookbook for me, thinking it would made dinnertime easier. All the recipes in the book are baked or roasted on a sheet pan, kind of like a one-pot meal. I have made about 5 recipes so far and every single one has been absolutely delicious. Two recipes have included roasting cherry tomatoes, and oh my goodness. I really do not like cherry tomatoes when they are raw, but roasting makes them so good! Roasted cherry tomatoes are my new favorite vegetable. (or fruit?)

3. Puffer vest and rain boots
I bought these navy blue rain boots from back in the fall, and they were such a smart purchase! I walk Ryan to school and home every single day because we live too close for driving to make sense. This means I am sometimes walking in the pouring rain while pushing the double stroller and holding an umbrella over the kids. I keep my rainboots in the garage and slip them on if it looks wet outside, which has been happening a lot lately. They are so cute and comfy. My blue puffer vest is also a favorite of mine. I got it for $12 a few months back from Old Navy and I wear it at least twice a week! It looks especially cute with my latest Stitch Fix sweater.

4. Sleep Sprays
Adam bought me this sleep spray from Bath and Body Works last year and I love the scent. I spray it on my pillow at night and it supposedly helps me sleep better. I don't know if it works, but I do love the way it makes my pillow smell! This year he bought me the stress relief version. It smells slightly different but still really nice. Apparently he thinks I'm stressed? haha
5. Big Middle and Little

Of course I have to include 3 of my very best favorites! We call them big, middle, and little and I love them so much!

What are some of your recent favorites?

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