Thursday, January 21, 2016

From Baby to Little Girl


My little Jenna has changed so much since she turned one just two short months ago! I think all my kids went through a big developmental leap right after they turned one. All of a sudden Jenna is less baby and more little girl, especially her personality!

If I could use one word to describe Jenna right now, other than "happy" or "sweet", it would be playful. She tries to get people to play with her and talk to her. She will stare at strangers and wave until they notice her, and then she smiles to engage them. Sometimes she will smile shyly and put her head on her shoulder, as if she is pretending to be shy. But I wouldn't necessarily call Jenna shy. She seems to be a happy mix between her reserved brother and her outgoing brother. Jenna loves playing at the park and climbing on everything. She is a little cautious but she still loves trying to keep up with her brothers. She will even get down on the floor on her tummy to play.

Jenna also seems to be understanding a lot of words. If I say "say cheese", she will give me a big smile. If she picks up a crumb off the floor and I say "give it to me", she will usually hand  it to me. The other day she even took food out of her mouth and handed it to me! She will also pick up crumbs off the floor and put them in the trash can for me, or in the dust pan if I am sweeping. Jenna says Hi Dada, uh-oh, yay, all done, that, num num, and mama.

Jenna loves peek-a-boo and patty-cake. She claps, waves, and points at things and says "dat!". As adorable as she is, she is also learning a few naughty habits. She shrieks and bucks her head when she gets really mad. Sometimes when I use a stern "NO" with her, she will lower her head and look up at me with her blinking eyes. She will stay frozen like that for a quite a while, as if she is testing me to see if I really mean "no".

Jenna is getting so fun, and I know she is going to become even more playful as she gets older. This age is exhausting but oh so fun!

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  1. In that carseat pic she looks SO MUCH like Ryan at that age!!!