Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Things I Love About Lucas

Poor Lucas. He is such the classic middle child! In addition to being my most challenging child at the moment, I feel like he gets looked over sometimes, especially on this here little blog. Ryan has all the "first" experiences that make us excited and proud. And Jenna has the privilege of being our first baby girl, so she gets attention just for being cute and girly. Then there is Lucas. He may make me want to pull my hair out each and every day......but he also has so many endearing qualities! I struggle with him so much that I sometimes find myself overlooking the sweet, funny, smart things he constantly does. Here are some things I adore about my dynamite middle child.

-He gives the best kisses and hugs! When Lucas gives a hug it is more of a running tackle hug. His kisses are loud and exaggerated. Lucas isn't afraid to tell me he loves me. He is such an affectionate child!

-His beautiful eyes. Not only does Lucas have mile-long eyelashes, but the color of his eyes is really unique. They are blue, but as he gets older the center ring gets wider and more gold. They are almost half blue, half gold.

-Lucas is fiercely independent and fearless. It can be a real pain at the age of 3, but I know it will be beneficial as he gets older. He will be willing to take on challenges and try new things without the fear of making mistakes. Even now, I just have the sense that he is very capable, and I tend to be a little harder on him because I know he can handle it.

-He is always the first to say "amen!" after we pray.

-He loves HARD. Lucas wears his heart on his sleeve. When he loves someone or something, it's obvious to everyone. These days he is really loving his little sister!

-He seems to have inherited my very thick hair!

-He calls his backpack a "pit-pat" and his big toe his "papa toe".

-He is confident in his beliefs. If Lucas believes the sky is purple, don't you dare try to argue with him that it is blue. You will not win. Surely this will benefit him later in life....perhaps he'll be a lawyer??

I love my firecracker middle child!

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