Monday, January 18, 2016

Custom Made Baby Gates

Once Jenna turned one she started walking. It quickly turned into me chasing her around the house and up the stairs all day long. I was feeling really tired by the end of the day and not getting anything done. 1-year olds must be watched constantly!!

I knew we needed baby gates, but we had a hard time finding one that were both the right size and affordable.

So of course Adam offered to build them for me!

A few hours and about $40 later, and I have two custom built baby gates! One is in between our front hallway and our family room:

We spent about a week trying to decide on what color to paint or stain it. My 8-year old niece suggested painting it pink because it is for Jenna. She will be sad to know that we ended up staining it a greyish brown color last night.

It has a basic gate latch:

The other gate is in between our kitchen and dining room. (It still needs to be stained)

Aren't they great?

Adam has something really big and exciting that he'd like to build next. I'm still not sure about it, but he is slowly breaking me down. I'll share more if we decide to build it!

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