Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Favorite Books

I'm pretty picky about the books I buy and read to my boys. The book has to be interesting enough to hold their attention, which is a tall order these days. It also needs to be fun for me to read, with cute pictures and a good storyline. I have a few personal favorites in our collection, and the boys have their own.

First up is my favorite book from childhood, "The Little Red Hen". I don't know why, but I have always loved this story. Must be because the hen bakes her own bread!

I loved the "We Help Mommy" book as a child, so I was happy to find this used version of "We Help Daddy". It is a little old-fashioned but very sweet and full of examples of how the kids help their Daddy with chores.

Lucas and Ryan's absolute favorite book right now is Richard Scarry's "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go". Or as they lovingly refer to it, "Goldbug!". The book is about a pig family that goes on a trip. Each page shows their travels and all the other cars, trucks, etc that they see along the way. But the secret to the book is the little critter named Goldbug hidden on each page. My boys have almost memorized where he is on each page.
Finally, we have the Harry books. I also remember these from my childhood, and I still love them. My favorite is the classic "Harry the Dirty Dog". Harry is simply a dog that tends to get into trouble and each book is a different story about his adventures. The pictures in these are also a little old-fashioned but I think that adds to the charm of the books.

What are your favorite books to read to your kids? I'd love to get some recommendations!


  1. Those are great ones! We love Mo Willems books, like Don't Let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus! and his Gerald and Piggy books.

  2. Great picks! My girls love the Richard Scarry one too, and they only ever call it "Goldbug!" :-) We like anything Richard Scarry, for that matter - we have a version with Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks & the Three Bears (their favorites) as well as The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs, and several others that I'm less familiar with. It's always a hit! We also love Dr. Seuss (favorites include Green Eggs & Ham, Wacky Wednesday, The Cat in the Hat), Are You My Mother?, the Little Critter books (All By Myself, I Was So Mad, etc.) and the Berenstain Bears (although they can be long for 2 year olds...). There are several girly books we love too, like the Olivia books, the Madeline books, and the My First Little House books--I definitely recommend all of them for your new little girl :) Oh gosh I could talk books for hours!