Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apples and Kale (And Kidney Stones)

First off, I'd like to say that Adam is feeling better today. After 2 ER visits and 5 prescriptions he thinks his kidney stone is finally out. We're hoping he'll start feeling like himself again very soon!

Despite the difficulties we've had this past week, there have been some great things boys have been eating! A lot! There have been quite a few days lately where Ryan has eaten 3 meals plus 1 or 2 snacks in a day. This NEVER used to happen. I'd be lucky if he ate 2 meals and maybe a bite of a snack. And the foods they are choosing to eat have been healthier.
Ryan has developed a love for apples. He asks for one every single day. The other day he actually asked for an apple 4 different times. You better believe I let him have them! This morning when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast he requested an apple. I almost fainted. One nice side effect is that now Lucas will eat apple slices with his brother. Before he would constantly ask for applesauce pouches (which get expensive!) but now good old regular apples seem to satisfy him.
Another new favorite food for the boys is kale chips. They have had them before, but never really showed a LOVE for them. Well that has all changed. When I mention I'm making kale chips they start cheering! Ryan loves to help me make them. I make an entire cookie sheet full of kale chips and let the boys split them. There are rarely many left for me!
Ryan and I were talking the other day about how Daddy is sick. Ryan got a worried look on his face and told me he was going to get sick like Daddy because he had hugged him. I explained to him that Daddy's sickness wasn't something Ryan could get. But that in order to stay healthy it was important for him to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. He perked up and told me we'd better make some kale chips for dinner. Music to my ears!

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