Monday, October 27, 2014

Jesus Loves Me Quartet

We have started a nightly tradition that is quickly becoming my favorite moment of the day. Every night after we turn out the lights in the boys' room we pray and then sing "Jesus Loves Me" together.
There's me, singing it on key in my normal voice, trying to keep us all together. There's Adam, who is usually trying to sing but cracking up laughing at Lucas.
Then there's Ryan, singing every word perfectly, in his sweet high-pitched 4-year old voice.
And finally there's Lucas. Goofy Lucas. His singing voice is pretty deep, kind of like he is forcing out each sound. He tends to skip a word here and there, putting lots of emphasis on the last word of each verse. "Jesus loves me this I KNOOOWWW, Bible tells me SOOOOO".
I wish there was a way I could secretly record our song! The 4 of us singing this song together is probably both the sweetest and worst sounding thing there is. But I bet Jesus loves hearing it!

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