Thursday, October 23, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant

How do I only have 5 (or less) weeks left of this pregnancy! I'm starting to feel totally unprepared for this baby. Probably because her nursery is still a disaster of boxes, we haven't finalized her name, and I have no idea if I have enough clothes for her. It will all come together in time, I'm just starting to feel the stress of time slipping away.

We did get a few important things accomplished this week. I took a tour of Labor & Delivery at our local Kaiser. Then just yesterday I bought a combo changing table/dresser off of Craigslist. We also got a crib mattress, since our other two are being used on the boys' toddler beds.

I had some new symptoms pop up this week, including heartburn. Ouch! I do remember experiencing it a couple times when pregnant with Ryan, so I'm pretty sure it's just pregnancy-related for me. I also had to take off my wedding rings the other night because my fingers were so puffy. Let the water retention begin!

Not the best picture. We have no full length mirrors in this house!

When baby girl moves, it is becoming quite painful. I don't remember this with my boys, but it feels like she has run out of room and every time she stretches or rolls she is poking my insides really badly. Braxton hicks contractions are also becoming slightly painful, which is new with this pregnancy.

I will update again next week after my 36-week midwife appointment!

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