Sunday, October 12, 2014

House Tour: Master Bathroom

I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of our new (to us) house in Rocklin. A few rooms aren't really done yet (hello nursery!), so I'm starting with the ones that are mostly unpacked and organized.
Up first is our master bathroom and closet. I should start by saying how incredibly blessed I am to have a bathroom as nice as this one. It is amazing! And unfortunately I don't get to spend too much time in there during the day, other than putting away laundry and towels! But at night when I go up to get ready for bed I am reminded how nice and luxurious it is. See for yourself:

View from our master bedroom:

Tub and shower area:

I am in love with my tub. Funny has a funny little step next to it so I figured it was for stepping up and getting in to the tub. Bad idea. I slipped and fell my first time trying to get in! I learned my lesson and now just step in from floor level.

Our shower feels so huge, especially compared to our last one, which I could barely fit in while pregnant.

Double sinks! And LOTS of storage.

More storage, and the little "potty room", as Ryan calls it.

 Also inside our bathroom area is the walk-in closet. There is so much storage in here, we actually have a couple empty shelves!
My beautiful clothes. And I can only fit in to one thing you see in this picture. Ha! I can't wait to fit back into my regular clothes, especially the ones from Stitch Fix.
So there you go....the first edition of my house tour. I definitely started with one of the nicest, most updated rooms of the house. Up next will probably be our family room.

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