Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Weekend

It's been a while since all 4 of us have been together at home on the weekend. Adam and I were in Las Vegas, then he worked the next weekend, then he was gone all the next weekend for feels like we haven't had much time at home to just relax and get a few things done. That's why Saturday was perfect. Adam didn't have to work and we had no plans!

I started things off on Friday by getting Lucas a haircut. After many screams and tears and escapes from the haircut car chair, the end result was cute!
Saturday morning we hit up Home Depot for some flowers. I took my Mom out to lunch for Mother's Day and then returned home to help Adam (and the boys) plant the flowers.
 I rewarded the boys with cheerios for all their hard work.
We barbequed dinner (actually Adam used his homemade smoker). On the menu was burgers, beans, watermelon, and our first fresh corn of the season. Lucas ate a crouton for dinner and Ryan ate peanut butter on bread.
 After dinner we worked together to clean up a million legos.
Adam and I had plans to sit down and try to watch a movie together. This is something we haven't done since having kids! But by the time we got Lucas to sleep it was 9pm and we were pretty tired. And there was nothing good on TV. So instead we shared this treat Adam cooked on his smoker. It's a cored apple with cinnamon sticks, butter, and brown sugar in the middle. It cooked for an hour and got pretty soft. It tasted like apple pie!
Today was spent going to church, doing more yard work, and celebrating Cinco de Mayo one day early by eating homemade enchiladas for dinner. The boys finished off their weekend by watching a movie that their Grandma brought over. I wish every weekend was as nice as this one!

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  1. Ahh! Sounds lovely! Your totally missing out on date night in!! I think I must be spoiled, we have a bad habit of that multiple times a week! (Dinner, or boardgame, movie and snacks!). But, I can understand tired. :-P