Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ryan's 4-Year Well Check

Ryan had his 4-yr Dr. appointment today. He was very cooperative throughout the appointment and I was really proud of him for actually talking to the doctor! He had his vision and hearing checked and both are perfect. Here are his growth stats:

Weight: 31 lbs, 5 oz (11%)
Height: 38.25 inches (11%)
BMI: 29th percentile

So obviously I have a pretty small guy. To give you a little perspective, Ryan weighed 30 lbs and 3 oz at his 3-year checkup. So he gained a whopping 1 lb over the last year! When he had been to the doctor last month for his head check, he actually weighed 33 lbs. But being sick last weekend meant he didn't eat for 4 days, so I'm guessing that might explain his weight loss. Being a Mom, I really want to see my child gaining more weight and getting taller, especially for a boy. I sometimes worry a little bit about him growing up and being teased for being small. But God made him this way for a reason.....and who knows, maybe he'll shoot up this year and end up taller than me someday. I sure hope so!

Regarding his weight and eating habits, I expressed my concerns to the doctor about how picky Ryan still is. I feel like his small picky appetite is affecting his weight gain. The doctor said it isn't quite time to start worrying about his weight. He did tell me to just continue offering him healthy foods and to not offer snacks or "extra" food if he hasn't eaten his meals.

I also mentioned that Ryan tells me he doesn't feel well every single morning when he wakes up. He wants to be held and to lie down with me because he feels sick. The Dr. suggested it could be him just not feeling well from a poor diet and not enough sleep. I asked him how much sleep a 4-yr old should be getting and he said 8-9 hours. I was surprised because Ryan gets about 9 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period, and I always thought this was kind of low.

So overall a good appointment but I need to continue working on making sure Ryan gets enough good food in his body. Easier said than done!

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  1. I have a cousin who was always tiny for his age, until one summer in his teens he had a crazy giant growth spurt and now he's over 6' tall! So, it's possible!!