Monday, May 19, 2014

First Trimester Details

Here is a week-by-week journal I have been writing during my first trimester.

4 weeks: When I glanced over at the pregnancy test and saw two lines, I did a double take and gasped out loud. I was absolutely shocked and immediately started talking out loud to God. "Are you sure? We didn't plan on this. Is this a joke God? Are you sure I can handle this right now?"

5 weeks: At 5 weeks I am feeling only one symptom. A backache. Nothing else is feeling off yet. No nausea or fatigue, just an aching back for most of the day.

5.5 weeks: No nausea yet, but a lot of foods are starting to sound really unappetizing to me. Just thinking about coconut (one of my favorite flavors) makes me want to gag. I generally want salty savory foods. I just ate an entire can of chili for lunch with lots of melted cheese on it. It was SO good. Usually I would have had a salad or something else healthy. Ha!

6.5 weeks: The nausea has kicked in! I am now waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom at least once or twice. Every time I wake up I am hit with a wave of nausea. Yuck. Today I sneezed and then gagged and almost threw up. I was visiting with a friend this morning and forgot to pack a snack for myself. I started to feel faint and had to leave early so I could go home and eat to feel better.

7.5 weeks: I had my first prenatal appointment today. I got a bit scared at first when she couldn't locate the baby, but it is definitely in there! My official due date is November 27th, Thanksgiving Day!

8.5 weeks: This was a tiring week. It may have something to do with being up all hours of the night with Lucas, being up to use the bathroom, and just dealing with pregnancy insomnia. Add it all up and I am tired! Coconut still makes me want to throw up.

10 weeks: I am shocked that I haven't had one single headache so far this pregnancy. By this point in my last pregnancy, I had suffered through a million headaches. I'm so glad things are different this time! What is also surprising is my energy level. I feel like I have about 95% of my regular energy during the day. Good thing, because these two boys don't let me rest. By about 8pm I am pretty tired, but that's normal. The nausea is still going strong, although the middle of the night sick feeling has gone away.

11 weeks: I spoke too soon last week. This week I've had 3 headaches and I have been sooo tired. Not necessarily a sleepy tired, but by early afternoon my body suddenly doesn't want to move. My energy usually returns by late afternoon in time to make dinner, clean up, give the boys their bath, and put them to bed. Then I am DONE. Another fun development this week is the widening of my hips. I have definitely gained a few pounds, however I don't really notice it in my belly yet. It's more in my hips and thighs. I am really hoping this means I am carrying a girl!

11.5 weeks: I pulled out my maternity clothes over the weekend and I am wearing a pair of maternity capris today. I still fit into my regular pants, but these are so much more comfortable! And I'm all about comfort these days. I'm getting really excited and nervous to announce our news to all our friends this week!

12 weeks: I had my second visit with my midwife today. Once again she couldn't find the heartbeat long enough to count it because the baby would not stop moving. She commented on how active it was, and I said "Aren't all babies this active in the womb? They always tell me this same thing about my babies". She said no, they are a lot of babies that just lay there very calmly during ultrasounds. Huh. And here I was thinking I might actually have a calm baby this time! Wishful thinking.

12.5 weeks: Here I am just over 12 weeks. We announced our news to all our friends, so that was exciting! However, I feel like I've fallen into this weird cycle where I'm not going out and doing as much because I feel nauseous and tired so much. But staying at home so much and not getting out really brings me down and makes me feel worse. So I'm hoping that as I enter my 2nd trimester I can start to feel a bit more normal. It is difficult to explain but I just haven't been feeling like myself lately.

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