Monday, May 26, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #9

I didn't actually intend to receive Stitch Fix #9. I was already pregnant during my last fix, so I decided to skip this one (as well as the next 12 months or so) since Stitch Fix does not offer maternity clothes. However, when I went online to cancel my fix it was too late! My stylist was already working on selecting my items. So I updated my profile to note that I was 12 weeks pregnant and needed loose tops or perhaps a flowy summer dress. I was really hopeful I would find something cute to wear throughout the summer.
Unfortunately I was underwhelmed by this fix. I can't completely blame Stitch Fix, since they do not offer maternity clothes. But they do offer to style pregnant women, and I was hopeful they would be able to find me something cute. I had a new stylist this month, and that may have been part of the problem. I felt like she kind of gave up and didn't put a lot of thought into choosing my items. Here is her note to me:
"Hi Stephanie! Welcome back and congrats on your pregnancy!! I didn't have any loose dresses or skirts available this time around that would work, so this Fix is all tops! I found a green dolman top by Pomelo that I hope you love! I read over the notes in your past Fixes and saw the request to send more green...I was so happy to find this top for you! The Olive and Oak tie dye tank is one of my favorites - so comfy, loose and stylish. I normally wouldn't put two open front cardigans in a Fix, but since you are pregnant, I was running out of loose tops that fit what you're looking for. I hope you like all of these and are able to wear them through pregnancy. Can't wait to hear what you think! Enjoy! Tracy"
I apologize for not taking photos of myself in the clothes this month. I received my box of clothes right before a busy weekend and didn't get a spare minute to do any modeling. I'm not sure you would have wanted to see me in them anyways!
Pomelo Adelyn Chevron Print Hooded Cardigan 
Although I love the chevron print, it is a bit too much on an item this large. I like the drapey cardigan look, but this one was so long in the front and so short in the back that it looked a bit strange to me. It was incredibly soft, though, and I could see it being comfy to wear after giving birth. Ultimately the weird cut/style made me send it back.

Pomelo Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top
This was my favorite item in the box. I love the color and the chevron print. But I was so sad to discover that it was tight in the hips and waist! Dolman style tops are usually very forgiving in the tummy area and flattering to the body. This one was cut much too narrow. I feel like the stylist should have noticed this just by looking at it, and gone up a size for me. I even emailed the company to ask if they had this in a size large and they did not. Too bad. Sent this cute top back.

Olive and Oak Tria Tie-Dye V-Back Tank
This was my second favorite top. You can see the cute detail on the back of the shirt in the second photo. It fit really well and had enough material in the stomach area to last me at least a few more months of pregnancy. I ended up deciding I just wasn't in love with the tie-dye print. I may regret not keeping this one, but I sent it back.

Oxmo Carmina Heathered Knit Dolman Sleeve Top
This top was just horrible. First of all, it's beige. I thought I specified in my profile that I do not want beige because it looks horrible with my pale skin. Secondly, it is long sleeve, and we're about to enter the summer! Lastly, it fits like a sack of potatoes on me. Hate everything about it.

Papermoon Tina Striped Open Cardigan
Finally we have another cardigan. The fit of this one was a little better than the blue chevron cardigan. Although the sleeves hit me at an odd length. Not quite long sleeve but not short enough to be 3/4 sleeve. I couldn't see myself getting a lot of use out of this, so back it went.

Isn't that sad? I didn't keep anything this month. What is even more sad is that I have to take a break from Stitch Fix for the next year or so! My plan is to stop all fixes for the remainder of my pregnancy, and then hopefully start receiving them again a few months after the baby is born, or whenever my body starts to look normal again. (If it ever does. Ha!). So long for now Stitch Fix.

Want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself? Use this link to sign up and I will receive a little bit of clothing credit!

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