Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ryan: Four

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan! (One day late!) You are such a big boy now and it makes me both sad and happy to see you growing up so quickly. This past year of your life included some important milestones for you, including potty-training, learning how to write your name, starting preschool one day a week, getting your first bike with training wheels, and going to Awana.
I have noticed a huge change in your maturity level lately. These past few months in particular you really seemed to grow up in lots of little ways. For example, you ask me some really big, serious questions. You have become more cautious and less impulsive with your age.
You still love playing with cars and most of the day you have some sort of car in your hand. But your interests have also expanded to things like airplanes, motorcycles, drawing, writing letters and numbers, and playing games.
You are a pretty awesome big brother. Lucas makes it hard sometimes, but you are constantly trying to help him and share with him and watch out for him. I love watching you try to hold his hand. (He rarely lets you) I see you getting frustrated with his terrible-two-ness, and I am often can't blame you. But you still try to show Lucas affection by hugging him and telling him "it's okay Yutas".
You are still incredibly shy and mostly serious. In public you often appear tired or sad, but I think it's really just how you show your shyness. When you are uncomfortable in a situation you will completely shut down and become mute. (Like at the hospital with your fracture). But at home I get to see your funny goofy side. You talk nonstop at home and every once in a while I hear a true belly laugh from you and it warms my heart. For example, Adam was recently reading you one of your favorite stories, The 3 Little Pigs. Except he replaced pigs with "the three fat men". I don't think I have ever heard you laugh so much in your life!
Your picky eating habits unfortunately did not change much this year. You have a few foods that you love and will almost always eat, including peanut butter, nachos, meat, and cheerios. Beyond that, you are pretty resistant to trying anything new. If I even switch the brand of peanut butter I serve you, you will refuse to eat it. It makes feeding you pretty frustrating but I am holding out hope that things will improve as you get older.
You are a very affectionate little boy. You love to cuddle and hug me and you constantly ask me to lay down and snuggle with you. I think physical touch is very important to you and one of the ways that you feel love from other people. I am trying to be better at this with you.
Your sleeping habits didn't really change this year. We still have to lay with you in your bed until you fall asleep. And then you climb into our bed sometime before midnight. I am really hoping that sometime this year we can put you in a room with your brother and let the two of you keep each other company at night.
I love watching you experience all your firsts, as I experience them right along with you. You were the first boy to make me a Mommy and you will always hold a very special place in my heart.
I love you more than you will ever know and I thank God for you. Happy Birthday to my big boy Ryan!

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