Thursday, April 24, 2014

Childhood Comfort Food

Adam and I were recently talking about foods we ate during our childhood that were really comforting. And delicious. We realized that we both always assumed these foods were normal things everyone ate, when in reality, they were kind of specific to our families.

For example, I grew up loving tortilla chips spread with cream cheese as a snack. Adam thinks this is disgusting. But I think his childhood snack of potato chips dipped in cottage cheese sounds a little strange.

Another food I remember eating for breakfast a lot was mashed, boiled eggs.
Now I realize the above picture totally looks like scrambled eggs, but it is not. (Excuse the pink spots, this was made from dyed easter eggs!) These are boiled eggs that have been mashed up with a little butter, salt and pepper. They may look like scrambled eggs but they definitely taste a little different. Again, Adam thinks is a bizarre way to eat eggs. But I love it.
One of my most beloved meals growing up (aside from spaghetti) was egg noodles mixed with leftover meat or chicken, topped with Worcestershire sauce. My Mom probably thinks I am crazy for liking this so much because it is so incredibly simple. She used to make this for us whenever she had leftover chicken or meat on hand. She would literally just cook egg noodles, mix in the meat, and then we would top it with Worcestershire sauce. 3 ingredients. And one of my favorite meals in the entire world.
What comfort foods do you remember from your childhood that might seem strange to other people?


  1. I also love mashed, boiled eggs served hot with butter and salt!!! That was a comfort food growing up.

  2. Isn't it good?? I think I want some right now....