Monday, April 21, 2014

Days Till Ryan Can Jump and Climb

Ryan only has a couple weeks left in his recovery from his skull fracture! We made a little calendar so that he can cross off the "Days Till Ryan Can Jump and Climb".
His head feels so much better. No more soft squishy spots. And the actual dent where the fracture occurred feels much smaller. Still noticeable to the touch but better than the first day when it happened.

Ryan has even started praying about his head. At night he sometimes prays and asks God to make his head better so that he can run and climb again. He knows that God is healing his head and I love hearing his sweet little prayers about it.
Ryan has been a really good little boy during his recovery. We went to a park the other day and after explaining to him that he needed to stay on the little side of the park, he completely obeyed me. Not once did he try to go near the high area. I have been so proud of him these last few weeks!

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