Thursday, June 23, 2011


A cute thing happened last night while I was trying to get Ryan to sleep. (Which by the way has been better lately!! He has napped consistently all week and even slept 8 hours straight one night!) When I nurse Ryan at night and put him in his crib, he no longer screams. Instead he whines and fusses and lays down, then stands up, then sits down, then stands's progress people! I've been trying the method of staying in his room with him until he falls asleep, but not always picking him up when he fusses. Kind of a tamer version of crying it out.
Last night after he stood up I gently made him lay back down for about the 100th time. He wiggled to get up, so I applied some pressure to his legs to pin them down so that he couldn't stand up. He immediately burst out laughing!
I realized Ryan probably thought I was trying to "squish" him. He loves to get into tight spots and be "squished" by me. For example, if I'm standing in front of the sink in the kitchen he will squeeze in between my legs and the cabinets. I will then push him up against the cabinets and say "squish!!". He giggles uncontrollably for some reason whenever I do this. So last night he thought I was doing the same thing. Makes it hard to get frustrated at him for not falling asleep when he's giggling at me!

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