Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Booger

It was 6:30am this morning.

I had gotten about 5 hours of sleep.

Ryan woke up and stood up in bed.

I checked his nose, but it didn't seem to be running.

Ryan started pointing to the kleenex box on the nightstand, saying "Dis!" "Dis!"

I pulled out a kleenex for him and held it up to his nose.

He blew really hard and out came a giant trail of snot.

Ryan smiled a huge smile of relief.

And just like that, I didn't mind getting up early with my little booger.


  1. Oh god, I absolutely cannot wait until Maeve figures this out! Way to go, Ryan!!!

  2. So so so cute!! Maybe he can come give Neely some nose blowing lessons!

  3. How cute and how awesome that he already knows how to blow his nose!

  4. So funny how we wake up cranky until our kids give us a reason to smile again. Very cute story!